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Ubud Monkey Sanctuary.

Here are a few things I learned at the Monkey Sanctuary in Ubud today. Even though the monkeys can be little shits when walking through the sanctuary they are still enjoyable and entertaining. The architecture and scenery is also something you can marvel at when exploring.

A few things to expect:

- Monkeys trying to steal your stuff

- Monkeys jumping on you

- Cute baby monkeys

- Aggressive males (Don't smile at these guys because you showing them your teeth is taken as a threat.)

- Beautiful Architecture

If you do end up getting attacked don't back down. Show the monkey you're the alpha and it will leave you alone.

This was a very enjoyable adventure being able to watch and take photos of the Monkeys.

If you want to see some of the pictures I took check out my instagram! @sebastianvoortman

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